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Monarch of the Tree
Head of Parliment
Important Information
Gender male
Family Levia, Trino, Garanch, and Zuolm
Status mated, alive
Species Western Screech Owl
Chaw none (head of the entire tree)
Feather Color grey, black, and white
Eye Color yellow
Affiliation guardians
Weapons Ezlryb's Claws
Missions too many to count



No one really knows who Yuone's parents are. Soon after he hatched in Ambala (that's all he remembers of his birth parents), the pure ones raided Ambala and captured him. When they got back to the canyon lands, they relized with a shock that a of the owlets they had captured was not a tyto. They were going to kill him, but a pair of barn owls said they would raise him, even if it ment losing their ranks and becoming foot-soldiers. The pure ones allowed this on those conditions. Thus Yuone came to live with Trino, his adoptive mother, and Garanch, his adoptive father. They recently had a son hatch from an egg. He was Zuolm.

Yuone and Zuolm were very competitive from a young age. It was also noticible that they were polar oppisites. Zuolm would train for hours and hours upon end to become the perfect soldier while Yuone would spend his small amount of free time joking around. When time came for then to begin completing their firsts (first meat, first fur, first bones) Zuolm was angered when his parents said that Yuone got them first because he was more prepared. Zuolm would nod and play the innocent son, but really he was quite angry. When it was time for their first flight ceremony to take place, the leader of the pure ones at that time delayed Zuolm's first flight ceremony because he was "too sloopy" at flying. At this, Zuolm errupted in anger flew to the practice field, where he displayed perfect killing and fighting. After this, the leader took him under his wing and Zuolm became a killer and a perfect soldier.

Meanwhile, Yuone was making the leads of the pure ones worried. He displayed such excillence at almost everything he did, but he was causing a small uprising with the soldiers. He wanted democracy and didn't belive in the ideals of the pure ones. The leaders simply sentenced him to death and Yuone had to flee for his life. He flew until a reached a sea, and tried to cross the sea. Instead, he found the guardians.

He istantly felt at home with the guardians, where he could learn as he pleased. He stayed there for many years, and the rest is history.


Yuone can do most things that all chaws can do


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