This character belongs to Edme MacHeath14

Important Information
Gender male
Family unknown
Status Alive
Species Burrowing owl
Chaw Tracking Chaw
Feather Color Light Brown
Eye Color yellow
Affiliation the Guardians of Ga'Hoole
Weapons None yet
Missions None


He is intelligent and very open-minded. Also very curious, he finds himself getting into other people's business. He is also very social. He is a small, brown owl. He's very humorous and enjoys the occasional wet poop joke. Just like any burrowing owl, he tilts his head often. Normally he's very perky, and tries to lift spirits in tough times. 


Seuron was just an egg when he was stole by St. Aggies, but he maneged to escape after he learned to fly. He searched for a home, and headed the direction of The Great Ga'Hoole tree. A barn owl had told him there was evil in that direction, but he continued on. When he arrived, he was hostil at first, but got used to the Guardians. He was chosen for the Tracking Chaw.



Name Relation Feelings