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Ryb of Navigation
Important Information
Gender female
Family Thron and Elene
Status not mated, chawed, guardian
Species barred owl
Chaw navigation
Feather Color brown
Eye Color black
Affiliation Guardians
Weapons Strix Struma's Claws
Missions many


Sapphire is clam and colected. She is quiet but can be a great leader in battle. She likes to follow rules.


Sapphire was born to Otulissa and Clyde's daughter, Elene and her mate, Throno. Soon after she was born, Throno died in battle with the pure ones. Elene was heartbroken and left Sapphire. St. Agies found her and kidnapped her. She was moon-blinked. However, she was not fully moon blinked. She learned this a couple weeks after, when she felt her gizzard heat up.

Soon after she learned about moon-blinking, she realized that they were trying to get her to forget her name. She then knew she had to get out. She began to try to notice if any one else was not moon-blinked. After a while. she saw that one great grey was not moon-blinked. When she talked to him, she first learned of the guardians. The great grey was a guardian who was an influtrator at St. Aggies. The great grey took her to the tree.

After many years, she became the navigation ryb.



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