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Night Ice
Night Ice
Night Ice behind some branches in the Great Tree,
Night Ice the Snowy Owl
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Snowycus
Status Alive; In training. Not mated.
Species Snowy Owl
Chaw Tracking Chaw
Feather Color White
Eye Color Yellow
Affiliation Gaurdian in training
Weapons Black, bloodstained Battle Claws
Missions Finish training and become a gaurdian.


Night Ice Snowyus is a stealthy male Snowy Owl. He dreams to become a Gaurdian Owl, but is still in training. He has no mate yet, and is in the tracking chaw. He studies Boron, his great grandfather and the former king of the tree before Coryn, Soren, and Yuone became kings of the tree.


Night Ice was born to his parents, Snowbullet, a male former gaurdian, and Slushee, a female who would make food for Nest-Maid snakes when they were not working.

One day, his little sister, Articus, hatched. He gaurded her and loved her deeply, until one day... Articus was captured and murdered by the Pure Ones, saying that she was not pure enough to live. Because of this, Night Ice became a gaurd of his parents, until they died because of old age. Night Ice set out and flew away from his home in the Northern Kingdoms and set flight for the Great Ga'Hoole Tree. He stopped in the Forest of Tyto, were he met Sunest, a Barn Owl who eventually became his best freind.

After many days, Night Ice and Sunest made it to the Great Tree. Yuone told Night Ice about Boron, a former king of the Ga'Hoole tree, which was his great grandfather. IN PROGRESS.



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