This character belongs to JaguarStar190

Monarch of the tree
Mate of Yuone
Important Information
Gender female
Family Yuone, Herno, Exlana
Status mated, alive, chawed
Species Western Screech Owl
Chaw Ga'hoology (formerly)
Feather Color grey
Eye Color yellow
Affiliation Guardians
Weapons her father's claws
Missions none


Levia is kind and caring and puts other's needs first.


Levia was born to Exlana and Herno. Herno was the ryb of navigation and Exlana was a lilbrary matron. Levia took after her mother more than her father. Levia, just like her mother, was very kind and thought of other people's needs first. Levia would spend her nights as a young owlet with her mother in the library. Her favorite books were the ones about flowers.

When it was time for her to start taking chaw classes, it was obivous which ones were her favorite. She didn't care for tracking or search and rescue. She paid almost no attention during colliering and weather interpitation.She spent blacksmithing wheezing. The only reason she went to navigation was because her father taught it. But when it was time for ga'hoology, she was all ears. So when she was chawed,she was chawed in ga'hoology.

A month or two after she met an owl named Yuone. She instantly felt a desire to be with him, but she was afraid that he didn't feel the same way. She told her friend Gemenina, who told Yuone. Embarressed, she tried not to talk to him, but he admitted that he felt the same way. They eventually became mates.

After many years, they became the monarchs of the tree due to a vote.




Name Relation Feelings
Exlana Mother Love her. RIP
Herno Father Love him. RIP
Yuone Mate Will do anything for him.