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Heather Plonk
The Metalworking Singer
Important Information
Gender female
Family Plonks
Status not mated, chawed, alive
Species Snowy Owl
Chaw BlackSmithing
Feather Color White
Eye Color dandelion yellow
Affiliation Guardians
Weapons claws made by Thora Plonk
Missions finish guardian training, become the best blacksmith ever


Heather is a very clam and colected being, she often comes across as a force to be reckoned with. She is also very high-class and refined. She will be kind to people when they first meet her, but if you annoy her, she will make your life misrable.


Heather was born in the Northern kindoms to the grandson of Brunwella Plonk and Doc Finnbeak. Her parents were named Admano and Zura. She grew on Dark Fowl Island with her parents, who went to Dark Fowl as a safe place during the war of the tridents. After combat increased around Drak Fowl, Admano and Zura learned that the current madame Plonk was looking for a processer to teach before she died. Admano and Zura, seeing this as a way to get Heather out of danger, sent her to the great tree.

When she got there, it turned out another plonk had showed up and was a better singer than Heather. Heather, however was fine with that, for she was afraid of singing in front of people. After hearing about her time on Dark Fowl, parliment quickly put her into the blacksmithing chaw.


Trainies (not guardians yet)Edit

  1. Blacksmithing Chaw Trainies members can take orders for battle claws and other various weapons
  2. Blacksmithing Chaw Trainies can sort different metals needed for weapons
  3. Blacksmithing Chaw Trainies can make bowls and buckets
  4. Blacksmithing Chaw Trainies can polish weapons


Name Relation Feelings
Zura mum love her
Admano pa love him