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Hi! Have you read the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series or seen the film? Then this is the wiki for you! Here, you can role play Guardians and get picked for chaws, you can learn skills, flying, everything a Guardian needs to know! Here, you're going to feel like an owl, that's for sure!

Read the Getting Started Guide before you start. After you read that, you should be good!

This is a wiki for creating an owl, a nest maid, or even a guard croc to be a Guardian or a pure one (coming soon). Kind of self-explanatory, unless you haven't read the books or seen the film. If this is true, contact Shooting Starz, creator of this wiki, for a long, long message on what's basically gonna go on here. If you have seen the film but not read the books, contact Shooting Starz again for a different message. If you have read the books, not seen the film, you're set, and same if you've read and seen both.



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