Welcome to the Forge!

Located on the ground in a cave near the tree, the forge is where chaw members can request armor, shields, and different weapons. It's big cave filled with spare tools and weapons, schematics, a map of the tree, and various machine design plans. This is also where damaged weapons and armor can be taken for repair. The Blacksmithing Chaw attends the forge.


Request GuidelinesEdit

  1. No guns
  2. You can ask to have weapons out of any available material, please specify
  3. Leave all requests in the comments
  4. You can ask for a pic of you want

Materials we have on hand for repairs and item creationEdit

  • Leather and hide
  • Most types of wood
  • Iron
  • Silver and Gold
  • Platinum
  • etc. (if you are looking for a pacific type of metal, just ask to see if we have it on hand!)

Those who work in the ForgeEdit