This character belongs to Count Desertstone

Cornelius basking in the sun
Lead Crocodile Gaurd of The Great Tree's Waters
Punisher of Bad Nest-Maid Snakes
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Scalus
Status Alive, Not Mated, Gaurd Croc
Species Saltwater Crocodile
Chaw Gaurd Crocodile Guild (Crocodiles Only)
Feather Color No feathers
Eye Color Black
Affiliation Good
Weapons Teeth, claws, death roll
Missions Get mated

Cornelius Scalus is a Saltwater Crocodile and a Gaurd Crocodile of the Great Tree.


When he hatched, Cornelius was nearly killed by a pure one, who thought him as "Not even the meaning of impure, but the most impure." Cornelius was saved accidently by a Search-and-Rescue Chaw member. Yuone and the other paraliment members didn't know what to do, because Saltwater crocodiles were known to be extreamally dangerous. Cornelius fought off a crow mob that was flying above the water, therefor giving Yuone the new idea-a Gaurd Crocodile Guild.

Cornelius became the ryb of the guild as more Crocodiles, Gharials, Alligators, and Caimans came. This proved as a good defense force for the tree. Cornelius became freinds with Bittermore, a Gharial in the guild. Sometimes a Nest-Maid can become evil, but this is rare. When it happens, Cornelius has been known to eat it with Bittermore.


Cornelius is very loyal and social, but can be extreamally deadly in battle. He has been known to get angered easily when a guild member refuses to attack something.