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the starsighted high flyer
Important Information
Gender female
Family Freni, Jacon,
Status not mated, chawed, alive
Species Speckeled Owl
Chaw Weather Interpitation
Feather Color brown and light yellow
Eye Color golden yellow
Affiliation Guardians
Weapons burning branch
Missions get mated, become a member of parliment and a ryb


Amber is a daredevil, but knows when it is time to stop. She is very social and smart, but also very kind.


Amber was born to Freni and Jacon, who were both in the search and rescue chaw. Amber htached differently than everyone else, as she was born during a solar eclipse. Unlike a lunar eclipse,a solar eclipse simply gives the hatchlet starsight. Amber was born when her parents were on a mission. They never forgave themselves for not being there at their daughters birth.

Amber was very social from a young age. She made friends easily with many owls her age and would even go up to the rybs and monarchs during a festival and start a conversation with them. When it was time for her to be chawed, it is said that the argument on which chaw she should go into was so loud that it could be heard in some of the lower hollows. But eventually they decided that she should go into the weather interpitation chaw.

After she was chawed, she trained extra hard. She trained so hard that parliment made her a guardian earlier than most owls in her age group. Currently she is training to become a lietentant.



Name Relation Feelings
Freni ma love her
Jacon pa love him