This character belongs to JaguarStar190

second Lietentant of Colliering
Important Information
Gender female
Family unknown
Status chawed, guardian, not mated
Species barn owl
Chaw colliering
Feather Color white and tan and brown
Eye Color black
Affiliation guardians
Weapons burning branch
Missions none except get mated


Alexandretta is very quiet and shy, but once you get to know her, she is very spunky


Alexandretta was born to two rouge smiths. Not wanting anyone to know, they had a friend take Alexandretta into the beyond. She was then given to the watch wolves of the beyond. They took her in because years before, thetwo rouge smiths had done the watch wolves a great deed and had forever earned their grattitude. The watch wolves entertaned young Alexandretta with legends of hoole and the wolves. When she was older, the rouge smiths in that area also taught her to dive for coals. She was a natural.

When she was many moons, the wolves told her she was going to go to the great tree. One of the rouge smiths escorted her there. Upon learning her story, she was idemediatly put into colliering. A week after seeing how good she was, she became a guardian and the second lietentant of colliering.



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